Jun 8, 2017

What's the different type of herbs used for?

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I'm curious about shilajit. That's not a herb but a mineral, a result of breaking down plant matter and minerals. At first I am concerned about the possible side effects, but as long as the shilajit intake isn't excessive, everything should be fine, shouldn't it? Besides, shilajit has over a dozen of benefits. still those benefits will be visible only if you get original shilajit. I've read lots about various liquids and powders which are sold as shilajit at https://purblack.com. What's you take on this one?

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  • Bulk is the preferred method of taking herbs, the patient is instructed in how to prepare the formula and then cooks their formula and then normally divides by 3 for the daily dose. More powerful some believe but it is also time intensive. Powders are bulk herbs that have been processed to be more convenient for the patient. It allows the Acupuncturist to customize your formula for you. You normally take 6 - 8 ounces of hot water, mix the appropriate amount of powder and drink as an herbal tea. Patents are formulations that are made by a manufacturer such as Plum Flower, Evergreen Herbs or Golden Flower Herbs. They generally contain more herbs than a custom or traditional formula and are designed to treat a broader category of patients. They are easy to administer for the practitioner and take for the patient. They come in capsules, tea pills (think black bb's) and tablets. What do you prefer?
  • We are about two months from having to begin thinking about going back to school, increased road traffic and allergies. If you have seasonal allergies, August is the right time to think about seeing your local acupuncturist for a body strengthening treatment specifically designed to help lower the discomfort and help you make it through allergy season. This is a weekly treatment of moxa on "wind points" on the back and maybe some herbs to help boost your Wei Qi (Defensive Energy). Want more information, please comment below.

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