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  • Bulk is the preferred method of taking herbs, the patient is instructed in how to prepare the formula and then cooks their formula and then normally divides by 3 for the daily dose. More powerful some believe but it is also time intensive. Powders are bulk herbs that have been processed to be more convenient for the patient. It allows the Acupuncturist to customize your formula for you. You normally take 6 - 8 ounces of hot water, mix the appropriate amount of powder and drink as an herbal tea. Patents are formulations that are made by a manufacturer such as Plum Flower, Evergreen Herbs or Golden Flower Herbs. They generally contain more herbs than a custom or traditional formula and are designed to treat a broader category of patients. They are easy to administer for the practitioner and take for the patient. They come in capsules, tea pills (think black bb's) and tablets. What do you prefer?
  • There are currently over 1100 points documented for Chinese Medicine. So how many do you really think get used by your acupuncturist? I use about 100 points regularly that are traditional points, Master Tung points, auricular and Scalp.
  • I haven't been on here for about a year. I have been busy creating a safe place to treat and care for those of you that are searching for an alternative treatments. I think I have only had two failures this past year both were difficult conditions and take time to resolve but we have been conditioned by our culture to look for the quick solution, so how long did you wait before checking out acupuncture and what were your expectations?

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