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Athletic Rejuvenation

Athletic competition no matter the level that one competes stresses the body beyond normal limits.  Whether you play at the high school, college or professional level, your body takes a beating weekly.  For those that compete for personal goals and accomplishments or simply to maintain your fitness levels, you occasionally push your body beyond what it is used to.  Weekend golfer, tennis players, runners and those that are working in Crossfit type of programs, we sometimes strain, sprain or just over use our bodies.

So just like the athletes below, why not do what they do and get acupuncture to help your body recuperate so that you can compete at your best.

From football: Aaron Rodgers, Michael Strahan, James Harrison and James Farrior


From baseball: A. J. Burnett and Randy Johnson


From basketball: Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash and Grant Hill


From Golf: Fred Couples and Gary Players

Yellow Dragon Acupuncture is offering 1 hour treatments on Saturdays to athletes, no matter your level, for $120 per session. I am certified as a Kinesiology Taping Practitioner and use ROCKTAPE products.  As a certified ROC DOC, I will tape you for pain and performance as part of the session, when appropriate.  Call today or book a session on line below.

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